Furever Home Finders

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Welcome Dog Lovers!!



 We are so happy to know that there are people like you out there to help the homeless pup!  Let us explain a little about ourselves.  We too are animal lovers and our mission in starting this page is to help find homeless dogs forever homes.

Rylee was our first and our inspiration!  She was 2-3 years old and surrendered because her owner died!  My sister Amy came up with the name and Kathie Dowe had the Brains!  I brought Rylee home to give her love and a home until one could be found.  That's when I started to think about all the homeless dogs that are out there.  Between Amy, Kathie and I we felt the need for this webpage, hence, we came up with the name and this website.   Rylee started the ball in motion.  Rylee was adopted the next day by a wonderful family and our hopes are that we can keep doing this with help from you!

People that are using our site are suggested to do Home visits, Veterinarian checks, (of previous pets) CCAPS, and landlord or landowner checks before adopting your dog to it's potential family.  Also , meet and greets are suggested with every member of the household(including other pets).  This is not only for the potential owner, the foster, but also the dogs welfare.  We don't want to get a dog settled just to remove the dog again after all it has been through.  We offer help from experienced volunteers that will walk you through the adoption process.



We have volunteers that can help with suggestions for you that are new at fostering a found pup.  All of our volunteers have worked in rescue, animal humane welfare societies, Veterinarian clinics and in all aspects of the law as it applies to Wisconsin dogs and their owners.  Please feel free to use our resources and keep helping the homeless pup.  

Someone once told me "Cheryl, I have never seen you smile like you do when you are holding a dog." My hopes are to spread my passion and knowledge to others and help the other animal lovers help the pups too!

Thank  you

Cheryl Charles/Founder                                                                                       


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