Furever Home Finders

A Non Profit Organization

About our web page

Our intent in creating this web page is to help people with the same passions we have in helping find homes for the abandoned, neglected and homeless dogs.  Our site is not intended for the use of breeders or for monetary gain(other than reimbursement for feeding, vetting, housing and for training the dog you might choose)

About Us

Kathie Dowe is the founder of Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and is our webmaster!  Kathie also belongs to a rescue and fosters many pups until the they go to their forever home. She is passionate about dogs and works tirelessly to get them home along with other very dedicated volunteers that put their lives on hold to reunite owners with their lost pups!

Amy Hernandez came up with our name and some other ideas to help out with the site.  She is experienced in rescue, volunteered for the Wildlife Refuge for three years and is constantly housing, vetting and saving animals from all walks of life, wild and domestic. 


ME, Cheryl Charles has been working with animals since my early 20's. I was a Veternarian Technichian for 7 years, Rescue work for 26 years, fundraising for animals and I own 3 huge and wonderful pups myself.  I sleep animal welfare!  As our site grows we will explain each person so you know our qualifications and you can put our experiences to our name. 

If you find yourself in the same group as us, then by all means, post away!  Please remember dogs can't help themselves!  A dog will always be loyal and more times than not, put their own life on the line to protect the ones they love.   Can't we help them find their way home?